South Africa ambulance
Earlier this week, two toddlers died after getting trapped in a disused car RAJESH JANTILAL/AFP/Getty Images

Five children died after getting accidentally trapped in an unused deep freezer in South African's agricultural town of Kakamas in Northern Cape. The bodies of the children – aged between three and seven – were discovered by their grandmother on Wednesday (20 January).

Local police said that the children, who were all cousins, accidentally got locked in the freezer while playing.

"We do not suspect any foul play at this stage. It is believed the kids were playing when the deep freezer accidentally locked," police spokeswoman Dimakatso Mooi was quoted as saying.

In a similar case earlier this week, four toddlers got trapped inside a disused car in Clermont near Durban.

The children got trapped in the car and were unable to escape when the vehicle started to heat up.

On finding the children lying unconscious in the vehicle, locals rescued them and took them to a hospital but two of the four – a three year old boy and a two year old girl – did not survive the ordeal. The other two are still in a critical condition.