A 2-year-old Texas girl is dead after her parents left her trapped in a hot car while they took a nap, Dallas police said.

According to Dallas police spokeswoman Melinda Gutierrez, the girl was left strapped in her car seat while her family members left the vehicle after an outing. The toddler's parents told Dallas Child Abuse Unit investigators they had spent the day at Fair Park with their children to celebrate Ramadan.

After the parents woke from a nap around an hour and a half later, the little girl's father went to work on his car where he found his daughter in the heat. NBC 5 KXAS reported the father removed the girl from the car and brought her into the house while he called 911.

The girl's mother then performed CPR for around 30 minutes before she drove her daughter to Children's Medical City, Gutierrez's statement said. The young girl was pronounced dead at 7.19pm local time.

Gutierrez said the toddler's parents told Child Abuse detectives they believed all of their children had exited the vehicle after their day out. CBS 11 reported that the little girl had six siblings and that her mother is pregnant.

AAA Texas spokesman told NBC 5, "A lot of people think, how can this happen? How can you forget about a child? But unfortunately, every summer we hear about these types of tragedies happening".

The incident is being investigated by detectives with Child Protective Services. NBC 5 reported that no charges have been filed pending further investigation.

According to noheatstroke.org, 10 children have died in the US this year of heatstroke left in cars. All 10 children were under the age of three.