This helmet-cam video filmed by a South African Police in Durban shows a nearly-fatal high-speed chase between a motorcycle officer and two alleged armed robbers as the policeman winds through back streets, shooting while in pursuit of the suspected criminals.

The video of the South African Police Service officer was uploaded onto Facebook by Blue Security, a private security contractor in Durban, garnering thousands of likes and shares.

The original clip, nearly six minutes long, shows the officer peppering the red saloon in bullets as he shoots one-handed while driving. Following the alleged robbers at speed through a Durban township as they swing round corners, at one point narrowly missing a child on the edge of the road, the policeman stays on their tail as they later accelerate through areas filled with pedestrians.

The officer fires off a total of 12 rounds throughout the chase, shouting down the radio when he stops to explain he emptied an entire clip.

Finally the pair fleeing are forced to stop on a highway. While one gets away, vaulting over a nearby fence, the other is arrested at the scene. As the motorbike cop inspects the damage, the helmet-cam shows a shattered window and numerous bullet holes. "I must have hit him," the policeman exclaims.

The video has received an overwhelmingly positive response. One Facebook user commented: "That was brilliant control and amazing police work. Fired at the right times and kept the right distance. Amazing and proud of all the cops that fight in real life for our safety." Another wrote: "Great job. Thank you for restoring the faith in the SAPS."