A reporter for the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) has been mugged along with his crew by four thieves while reporting live from Johannesburg. The incident - caught on camera by the SABC crew - occurred while contributing editor Vuyo Mvoko was reporting live from Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg on Tuesday night (10 March, 2015).

The report was to cover the arrival of Zambian President Edgar Lungu in South Africa, allegedly for surgery.

It is believed that Vuyo Mvoko and his crew were approached by four men who demanded the broadcasting equipment as well as cellphones and laptops, SABC said. According to Reuters Africa, one of the men was armed.

The footage shows only two of the alleged four thieves approaching the crew and telling them to hand over their equipment. Mvoko can be heard saying: "We're being mugged".

The reporter then told radio station 702: "[The thief] was looking for the phone and when I wasn't giving him the phone, he calls the other one who has a gun, to say: 'shoot this dog' or something like that. So I gave him the phone."

After the incident, Mvoko tweeted: "I am safe and sound".

SABC TV News reporter Chriselda Lewim, who was also robbed by the thieves, later tweeted a screengrab of the footage saying: "Do you know these men? They robbed us at gunpoint. They screamed at us 'Kill these dogs' #sabcnews."