A video has been released showing the dramatic moment a police officer in South Africa is shot at point-blank range. Not only does he survive the attack and fend off the assailant by returning fire - he returns to his duties and issues a traffic fine.

The dascham footage, from the city of Cape Town, shows traffic officer Nizaam Alexander pull over a car on the N2 highway for driving in a yellow lane. A pedestrian can then be seen sneaking up behind the police officer.

At first his gun jams, but after fixing the firearm, the assailant confronts the officer and demands his service weapon. Before Alexander can react, the gunman shoots him in the back.

The officer runs for cover behind the front of the vehicle, before pulling out his firearm and returning fire at the fleeing suspect, who manages to escape. Alexander then returns to his duties of issuing the fine to the driver before seeking medical attention.

The video was published online by the City of Cape Town with the statement: "Our traffic officers face many dangers when keeping our roads safe. They are the targets of criminals who will kill to steal an officer's firearm.

"Even after traffic officer Nizaam Alexander was shot at point blank range he continued to perform his duties. His dedication to serving the public earned him the City of Cape Town Traffic Services Departmental Officer of the Year Award."

According to South Africa's News24, Officer Alexander sustained a flesh wound but was released from hospital shortly after the attack.