A high speed train derailed near Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain on 24 July, killing at least 78 people while 140 passengers were injured, officials said. Both the drivers of the train survived and one of them, Francisco José Garzón Amo, has been placed under formal investigation.

The train had 218 passengers onboard when it derailed and flipped over. One of the carriages of the train split into two, the engine and the first four carriages derailed, and the rest rolled over and overturned, passengers and onlookers recounted, according to local newspaper La Voz De Santiago.

Photos of the derailment site showed a carriage on fire. Another carriage flew about 15 metres into the air before falling close to nearby houses, eyewitnesses said.

The rescue works are on to remove the wreckage and find more victims. Meanwhile, officials have denied any kind of attack to be the cause of the derailment but have not ruled out high speed of the train as the possible cause. The train was reportedly running at speed of about 190kph, twice the speed limit.

Here are the latest photos from the accident site, where the rescue work is still on.