Ubisoft Montreal's stealth classic Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory has been given a new lease of life 11 years on from its release, due to a new mod for the PC version that allows the game to be played from a first-person perspective.

The simple mod was created by Reddit user BuckleBean, who shared his mod and a video showing it off (below) on Reddit. In the video, he explains: "It's really just a simple mod that incorporates a few minor changes to one of the .ini files in the programme folder."

Bucklebean (real name Mark) admits the mod was inspired by fellow modder Solid Snake. "He was working on a first person mod for the original Splinter Cell and was kind enough to share his settings with me, and I've taken them and applied them to Chaos Theory."

There are some hitches. The game doesn't allow for some interactions to be completed in first person, such as grabbing a guard or moving a body, meaning the player has to switch back to the standard third person. There are some actions that can be completed without switching however, such as opening doors and hitting switches.

"I actually was successful in modifying the other values to be able to have the entire game played in first person, but I ran into a lot of bugs. Sam [Fisher, the game's star] was constantly getting stuck in the environment. It became unplayable."

Mark also includes instructions on how to install the mod in the description of his video. It looks like an interesting way to play the classic stealth game. At the very least, it gives us a reason to write about a true genre classic and what is, for our money, still the best pure stealth game ever made. As great as the Metal Gear Solid series is, it was always more action-stealth than pure shadow-dwelling sneakery.

Come on Ubisoft, now is the time to make another proper, stealthy Splinter Cell game. Chaos Theory is £4.99 on Steam.

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