Spritz for Samsung Galaxy S5 and GEar 2

Scanning a page from left to right to read the text might soon become an obsolete method thanks to a revolutionary piece of technology known as Spritz.The technology has made its debut on the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Gear 2, and has become astoundingly popular.

Spritz's Text Streaming Technology enables easy reading in a format optimised for small screens.

The Concept

By serving up static blocks of text in a speed-reading text box, Spritz makes it possible for people to easily go beyond the average reading speed of 220 words per minute.

It starts up at about 250 words per minute or wpm, and then progresses to speeds as fast as 1,000 wpm. How much faster does your reading become thanks to this? Well, for instance, a Spritz user can now read a 1,000-page novel in 10 hours or less.

Spritz for Samsung Galaxy S5 and GEar 2

How does Spritz work?

"Spritz's technology streams individual words inside of a special display called the "Redicle," which helps the eyes to position themselves precisely at the recognition point for each word," says a press release.

"The most time-consuming part of reading is the eye movement from word to word. By applying their new method of word alignment that's based on the science of how people traditionally recognize words while reading, Spritz takes eye movement out of the equation, allowing much more to be read in the same amount of time. Spritz provides proprietary algorithms to identify how long to display words and sentences, providing an unparalleled natural reading experience."

Try Out A Sprtiz Session here and read at speeds up to 500 WPM

Spritz Increases Traditional Reading Speed

"When we started testing, we already knew that we were on to something but the comprehension tests surprised even us," said Maik Maurer, Co-Founder and CTO of Spritz.

"Happily, our tests confirmed that spritzing increases comprehension. We're now starting to research whether time spent spritzing will also increase a user's traditional reading speed and comprehension, an effect reported to us by many of our testers."

What Languages does it work with?

English, Spanish, French, German, Russian and Korean are currently supported by Spritz with many more languages on the way.