Spritz for Samsung Galaxy S5 and GEar 2

Along with the announcement of Samsung Galaxy S5, came details about a technology called Spritz, which enables dynamic speed reading on certain apps on the phone.

Spritz's technology streams individual words inside a special display called the "Redicle," which helps the eyes to position themselves precisely at the recognition point for each word.

The most time-consuming part of reading is the eye movement from word to word. By applying their new method of word alignment that's based on the science of how people traditionally recognize words while reading, Spritz takes eye movement out of the equation, allowing much more to be read in the same amount of time.

Three Spritz-like Apps for Android

1) Speed Reader

For those of you who read local files from your phone, Speed Reader happens to be a good option. The app is free and you can help out with a donation if you like it. Presently, the app works with the following file types: TXT, PDF, EPUB, HTML and XML.

Users can also customise their experience with theme selection and alter settings like words per minute and the number of words displayed each time.

2) A Faster Reader

This app features a slightly different method of operation. Users are required to highlight text in an app (that supports sharing) and then choose "A Faster Reader" from the pop-up menu. After doing this, users will be presented with a small display that starts serving up words one by one.

To display words faster than 300 WPM, users will have to upgrade to the paid version. Apart from being a legitimate speed reading app, the paid version has different themes and a useful little progress bar.

3) Speed Read inspired by Spritz

Another app that uses a similar sharing feature, Speed Read's display area for one by one word delivery is placed along the top of the screen.

This is accompanied by a full-text version of the entire text that you are speed reading under the flashing words. Each word that you read is highlighted in the paragraph as it appears on your focused display.