Trailers have been released for Sylvester Stallone's Bullet to the Head and Nicholas Cage's Stolen, with both appearing to follow the recent trend towards traditional no-nonsense action films.

Stallone's latest, directed by Walter HIll, is based on a French graphic novel by Alexis Nolent and revolves around a hitman's battle for revenge after (surprise surprise) his best friend and partner is "clipped".

The subsequent trailer leaves no action cliche unturned. Stallone forms the uneasy, banter-punctuated partnership with a young cop, argues with his daughter that this will be his "one last job" and shoots a lot of people.

The film seems to revolve around his hunt for Game of Thrones star and fellow muscular edifice Jason Momoa, who killed his friend, before engaging in what looks like a spectacular axe fight.

As the box office success of The Expendables, accompanied by a glut of new action titles, appears to have proven, films that previously appeared to have straight-to-DVD plots are being tested in the cinema. Stallone looks ready to capitalise on that wave.

Bullet to the Head is released in February 2013.

Meanwhile Nicholas Cage flexes his action muscles in Stolen.

The former Oscar winner does not look like he is aiming to charm the academy with his latest effort, directed by Simon West.

The film is about a former thief who is released from prison after a botched robbery for $10m. His former partner believes he still has the loot and kidnaps his estranged daughter, threatening to kill her if Cage does not pay up.

As Cage burnt the cash, he has no choice but to try and steal another $10m in order to save his daughter's life.

Judging by the trailer, the plot of Stolen appears to be unoriginal to the point of resembling a parody, while Cage has not made the best of film choices recently. It could also be argued that the title of Stolen might be considered quite similar to the Liam Neeson hit Taken, which also revolved around a kidnapped daughter.

However, explosions and car chases seem to be pulling audiences into cinema as The Bourne Legacy has proven, with high takings despite poor reviews.

Stolen will be released on 14 September.