Star Wars

If you are a Star Wars fan and an iPhone user, then here are some amazing apps and games that you should consider downloading on Star Wars Day, which happens to be on 4 May. Given below are a few apps that we recommend.

Star Wars Crawl Creator

Despite having seen the yellow text move into the depths of space in six movies, fans will still love this app's ability to turn regular text into the iconic format. Throw the original tune into the mix and share with your fellow Star-Wars fans.

Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner

Very few Star Wars moments are as much fun as blasting waves and waves of enemies with the powerful guns of the Millennium Falcon. Release your hate for the Empire one blast at a time with this fun arcade game that is bound to keep you busy for days.

Ask Vader

While Anakin Skywalker might not be the smartest Jedi around, his future self, Darth Vader, is easily one of the wisest characters with a connection to the force. You can draw from his vast intellect and get some witty responses to your questions with this app.

Laser Doodle HD

Want to add lightsabers into a picture of your two kids fighting? This app will help you do that and more. Laser Doodle HD will help users add several fun Star Wars effects including laser blasts and lightsabers into pictures.

ForceCast App

Interested in current and archived podcasts relating to the world of Star Wars? Here's the app for you. It contains podcasts covering a broad range of related topics including comics, current projects, collectibles, films, and more.