A new set of leaked scenes from Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens hints towards the deadly intentions of the new villain and his crew of Stormtroopers.

The scene, featuring the villain of the movie was leaked by fan website makingstarwars.net.

The three frames of the scene talk about a spaceship, resembling an imperial shuttle and a sand crawler, that lands on an alien planet.

The spaceship carrying the villain of the movie lands on a remote village of an alien planet and the website suspects that the villain is searching for John Boyega's character who is with Kira played by Daisy Ridley.

"Ascending from the ramp is a figure all in black with two Stormtroopers," the fan website said in its report while describing the first scene.

"The figure in black is really doing a Darth Vader entrance," it added.

According to Making Star Wars, the second scene is bloody as Stormtroopers continue to burn the village using flamethrowers.

The third and final scene, however, makes it clear that the villain is depicted as Darth Vader with many of his Stormtroppers standing by his side.

The scene was similar to that of the burning of Luke Skywalker's home and village after which Luke was forced to start his journey.

According to a USA Today report, the title of the seventh episode hints at a fresh start of the movie franchise and may focus on "the quasi-spiritual power that connects everything in the universe and is harnessed by heroic Jedi and evil Sith alike."

The JJ Abrams directed movie is slated to premiere on 18 December 2015.