In less than a month from now, the latest Star Wars trilogy is set to end with the release of "The Rise of Skywalker." As with any major theatrical release of a multi-million franchise, companies try to cash in by featuring product collaborations with the studio. These items range from toys, furniture, video games and other merchandise. Samsung apparently wants a piece of the action and teases fans with the Galaxy Note 10+ Star Wars Special Edition. However, the aesthetics might not appeal to those who choose to stay in the good side.

Samsung seems to be marketing this exclusive smartphone model to those who love the bad guys. The colours and graphics pay homage to Kylo Ren and the dark side of the Force. While some consumers will likely pass on this deal, avid collectors of Star Wars merchandise should be lining up for its release. Not only does it flaunt a striking design, the package actually comes with other freebies.

'May the force be with you' with a special edition #GalaxyNote10 in advance of the December 20 release of #StarWars : The Rise of Skywalker. Find out more:

— Samsung US Newsroom (@SamsungNewsUS) November 18, 2019

Perhaps the most notable of the items that come with the box is the pair of Galaxy Buds. Samsung made sure to craft these true-wireless earphones with a special colourway. The combination of red and black goes with the overall theme of the Galaxy Note 10+ Star Wars Special Edition.

The smartphone is draped in a black with red accents surrounding the main camera module alongside a red stylus. The latter evidently gives off a dark side lightsaber vibe. The Verge points out a First Order emblem sits just above the "Star Wars" text on the back panel.

Galaxy Note 10 Star Wars Edition!

Will be sold in US starting 13th November 2019 for USD 1300

You will get Light Saber S-Pen, camera with red border, box with Kylo Ren theme, and Star Wars back panel design!

There is also exclusive Star Wars wallpaper 😬

— Techno Kaiju (@technokaiju) November 19, 2019

Furthermore, the set includes a metal badge and leather phone case with images depicting Kylo Ren. Even the packaging bears the mark of his iconic mask, which will likely please collectors. In addition to these, the handset will feature unique shutdown animations, icons, sounds, and wallpapers based on the film.

The Galaxy Note 10+ Star Wars Special Edition bundle will be available in select countries. So far Samsung lists Germany, Denmark, Spain, Russia, Sweden, South Korea, Hong Kong, Norway, France, UAE, Australia, the U.K., Turkey, Spain, and the United States. It will hit retailers on Tuesday, December 10 for all of the markets stated before with the exception of the U.S., which arrives on Friday, December 13 instead. Pricing details indicate it will cost $1,299.99 upon launch.

Galaxy Note 10+ Star Wars Special Edition
Samsung reveals the Galaxy Note 10+ Star Wars Special Edition bundle which arrives next month just before the release of "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" in cinemas. Photo: Samsung