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While Bethesda has not yet officially announced the "Starfield" release date, fans can expect the game to come out in the first half of 2023. The developer has slowly released some details such as humanity's relocation to Mars.

Humans relocate to Mars in 'Starfield'

"Starfield" is set in a future where humanity appears to have left its home planet Earth. They have opted to relocate to the neighboring planet, Mars, where a thriving city now exists.

Bethesda released a new video that suggests Earth is no longer livable. Lead quest designer Will Shen explains that players will eventually find out exactly what happened to Earth and even visit the Martian city.

"You'll be sent there on a mission from Constellation to discover the mysteries of the artifacts," Shen said. "And you'll get into contact with the question of 'what happened to Earth', but also you'll go to Mars. And there's actually a settlement - one of the early settlements that humanity created after they left Earth - it's called Cydonia, and that's a whole city with its own problems and people to meet."

Planets with multiple biomes

It's a common theme in most sci-fi franchises for each planet to have its own unique biome. This can be seen in the likes of Star Wars, Mass Effect, and "No Man's Sky."

But it appears that the upcoming "Starfield" planets will be a bit different in this area. Eagle-eyed fans did some sleuthing and have arrived to the conclusion that Starfield's planets are going to have multiple biomes.

"In Starfield, ogni pianeta avrà biomi unici. La flora e la fauna che troverai saranno un riflesso delle sue caratteristiche," a statement from a "Starfield" concept art shared by Bethesda Italia reads. The English translation is "In Starfield, each planet will have unique biomes. The flora and fauna you will find will be a reflection of its characteristics," according to

Now, fans are busy arguing with some believing that it might just be some sort of mistranslation. However, others also argued that some of the videos seem to support the exciting possibility that a single planet might indeed feature multiple biomes.