A Louisiana man is suing a clinic, claiming his ex-girlfriend stole his frozen sperm and used it to get pregnant.

Layne Hardin claims that his former partner, Toby Devall, "bluffed" her way to getting staff at the clinic in Houston, Texas, to hand over two vials of sperm, before walking out with it in a brown paper bag and using it to become inseminated at a doctor's office next door.

The child is now two years old, and Hardin may have to pay child support if tests prove his paternity.

In an interview with local TV he said he wanted "to throw up, cry, pass out" after finding out.

Hardin deposited the sperm at the Texas Andrology Services sperm bank for a woman with whom he already has a 12-year-old son after he had a vasectomy, according to a KHOU.com report.

"At the end of the day, there are more precautions taken giving an 18-year-old a pack of cigarettes and checking their ID than there was for this sperm bank checking the credentials of this lady," Hardin's attorney Cade Bernsen told KHOU.

Devall claims that Hardin gave her permission to use his sperm for insemination. Her attorney, Lee Hoffoss, said Hardin is a "money grubber" who is after cash from Devall's wealthy family and from the medical facility.

The clinic has said it will not comment while the case is in litigation.

The case bears similarities to that of Joe Pressil of Texas who in 2011 sued a clinic where his ex-girlfriend was inseminated after claiming she used sperm from a condom without his permission.

Last year in Dortmund, Germany, two gynaecologists were ordered to pay child support for the twins they created after a court ruled the mother had used a former partner's frozen sperm without his knowledge.