After celebrating Steven's 14th birthday in January, Steven Universe season two is on a hiatus but a four-second clip released by Cartoon Network reveals an unexpected character entering the popular animated show.

The four-second promo reveals that Steven is stunned to see Lapis Lazuli while Peridot is trying to be nice to her by offering a gift. The video is titled Barn Mates suggesting that it is a new episode, the air date of which is yet to be declared by CN.

Watch the scene here:

In season one, Lapis and show antagonist Jasper fuse together to form Malachite in order to defeat the Crystal Gems. However, during the process they regain control of her hydrokinetic ability and as a result she imprisons their fusion beneath the ocean.

Movie Pilot suspects that Barn Mates may feature the growing relationship between Lapis and Peridot. But the release of the former Homeworld Gem also means that Jasper is on the loose. Besides, Peridot transforms from an antagonist to a friendly member of the Crystal Gems.

The popular animation series created controversy after the subtle lesbian romantic scene between Pearl and Rose Quartz was edited by Cartoon Network, which later released an explanation saying, "We do feel that the slightly edited version is more comfortable for local kids and their parents. We have an ongoing dialogue with our audiences and our shows reflect their preferences."