Steven Universe
Steven Universe is currently on a hiatus Cartoon Network

After a long wait, the Steven Universe season has finally got a premiere date and to the delight of fans, the trailer hints at an awesome series ahead. Cartoon Network has finally released new updates about the popular animation series.

After a long hiatus, Steven, and his Crystal Gems friends will return for a four-week event titled In Too Deep but this time they will have bigger challenges to deal with.

Steven, the half-human show protagonist, and her team consisting of Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Peridot, will have to face the wrath of Malachite. She emerges from the sea, still tied, and declares her revenge against the Crystal gems by saying "I can't wait to tear you gems apart!"

Malachite is a dangerous fusion gem created after Lapis Lazuli fused herself with the show antagonist Jasper in order to defeat Steven's team. But after making peace with the son Rose Quartz, Lapis Lazuli overpowered Malachite and kept Jasper imprisoned beneath the sea. It appears the vicious gem is returning to settle scores with Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Peridot as she had to spend a substantial amount of time staying imprisoned under the ocean.

Apart from the fusion villain, the Crystal Gems team will also have to deal with Yellow Diamond and her gem mutant Cluster. She too is probably unhappy with Peridot, who abandoned her commands and became a permanent member of Steven's team.

Steven Universe's In Too Deep will consist of five episodes and during the premiere, Cartoon Network will air two back-to-back episodes on Thursday 12 May at 7pm ET/PT.