The Walking Dead season 6 finale left fans baffled after the blackout scene where Negan killed one beloved character with his weapon Lucille. However, a leaked video of the final scene reveals a specific victim who is one of the most popular characters of AMC's massively popular show.

The final scene of episode 16 titled Last Day on Earth shows the leader of the Saviors smashing the head of one of Rick Grimes' group members and according to the leaked video posted by a fan page named Fear The Walking Dead Flight 462, the victim is none other than Daryl Dixon.

Watch the leaked video below:

"If you look closely you will See Negan bashing in someone's head with his bat. Spoiling Dead said no it's not Glenn like the comic books they said it's Daryl Dixon," the fan page claims in the comment section of the video.

If the reports turn true, then fans of Norman Reedus will definitely riot but Comic Book offers some valid reasons on why the crossbow warrior will face the wrath of the notorious villain. According to the website, Reedus is busy with "Ride with Norman Reedus" a new show by AMC and his timings for both the shows are clashing and hence he might stay with one show.

A popular fan theory about 'who was killed by Negan' points to Glenn as he was the first victim claimed by the Savior leader in the graphic novel created by Robert Kirkman. But Steven Yeun has already said that it is not necessary to follow the comic book plot line all the time.

Season 7 of TWD will pick up right from the scene where Negan lifts his bat to crush someone's head. And during the Talking Dead after the finale Kirkman has said that the character that died after Lucille's fatal blow is "beloved to everyone".

"Season seven picks up right where we left off and you'll see who was at the end of that bat and what happened from there,"Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan) told The Hollywood Reporters.

The Walking Dead season 7 will premiere in October this year.