Legendary musician Sting is lending his acting talents to Dim Bulb Games' upcoming indie adventure Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, a new trailer (embedded below) has revealed. Sting, whose real name is Gordon Sumner, will play the game's narrator, known only as The Wolf.

The team behind the game, described as a "bleak American folk tale about travelling, sharing stories, and surviving manifest destiny" and set for release on PC early this year, shared a look at the game's cast.

Sting will work alongside a well-versed group of video game voice actors, including Cissy Jones (Delilah in Firewatch), Dave Fennoy and Melissa Hutchison (Lee and Clementine in Telltale's The Walking Dead).

The game is an exploration of American folklore in which the player encounters 16 colourful characters. The story of each is told by a different writer.

"Where the Water Tastes Like Wine is a unique storytelling experience. I'm happy to be a part of this visionary collaboration," Sting said.

Jones plays a character called Bertha, Fennoy plays Shaw and Hutchison plays Quinn.

Kimberly Brooks (Daisy Fitzroy in BioShock Infinite) plays Althea and Elizabeth Maxwell (Urbosa in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild) plays Dupree.

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine was announced at The Game Awards in late 2015 and comes from a new studio founded by veteran Johnnemann Nordhagen, one of the founders of Gone Home developer Fullbright.

If you don't know who Sting is (and if you're in your mid-20s or younger you won't have much reason to) he was the singer with rock band The Police, responsible for such hits as Roxanne and Message in a Bottle. He left in 1986 to focus on a solo career.

The musician, who has dabbled in acting on television and the big screen - most notably in Dune and Quadrophenia - has technically appeared in a video game before: he played himself in 2008's Guitar Hero: World Tour.