Stranger Things
Winona Ryder stars in Netflix's new trailer for upcoming supernatural series Stranger Things Netflix / YouTube

We're now in the same month that Netflix's upcoming original series Stranger Things will land on the streaming service and to mark the countdown to the show's arrival, it has unveiled a brand new trailer and poster. And boy, does it work nostalgia to its advantage!

Starring The Newsroom actor David Harbour and Oscar-nominated star Winona Ryder, the series follows a group of four young boys and the events that follow after one of them goes missing one fateful evening. Just as their friend vanishes without a trace a mysterious girl named Eleven turns up in the last place they saw him... and she possesses some pretty intriguing supernatural powers.

Stranger Things poster
Stranger Things meets Stephen King in the poster's design Netflix

Meanwhile, in a desperate attempt to find her son, the missing boy's mother (Ryder) opens an investigation into the boy's disappearance with local authorities which happens to unravel a series of mysteries involving top-secret government experiments as well as a link to Eleven.

The show is being described by Netflix as "a love letter to the ubiquitous cult classics of the [genre], Stranger Things is also a coming of age story for the boy's three closest friends that draws them into a world where mysteries lurk beneath the surface".

Set in the 1980s, you can't help but get some serious ET the Extra-Terrestrial mixed with The Goonies vibe, with a pinch of Super 8 or Chronicle thrown in for good measure. Basically, Stranger Things feels rather like a Steven Spielberg creation. It's not, though, and instead comes from sibling scribes Matt and Ross Duffer who are well versed in all things a little odd themselves, having previously written scripts for sci-fi show Wayward Pines.

The new poster mimics the trailer's retro-style, complete with highly-contrasted illustrated figures and a beautiful logo seemingly inspired by a bunch of Stephen King novels. All eight of the first season's episodes will arrive on Netflix worldwide on 15 July.

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