Prince Charles was left stunned when an Asda employee fainted halfway through a conversation with him during a recent meet and greet in Bristol. The visibly distressed royal reached out his arm to catch the supermaket worker but couldn't do anything except watching on as the man fell over backwards.

Prince Charles recently paid a visit to the Asda Distribution Centre in Bristol, as the royal has resumed his working visits months after battling COVID-19 illness in March. However, the 71-year-old was left stunned when an employee started to sway and tumbled to the ground mid-conversation.

In the video of the incident obtained by The Sun, the Prince of Wales is seen talking to the worker before he passes out right in front of the royal. The heir apparent watched on with a concerned look on his face as the co-workers of the man ran to his aid and checked on his condition.

The father-of-two moved on after being assured that the employee is okay. Meanwhile, the worker's colleagues helped him on his feet and escorted him away. The man returned with his co-workers shortly after, and appeared well as he resumed his conversation with the future monarch.

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, had accompanied her husband on the visit but was in a separate part of the pavilion during the unexpected incident. The royal couple had been visiting the distribution centre to thank the workers for putting their lives at risk to ensure that that the supermarket shelves were stocked amid the global pandemic.

The staffers told the royals that they have worked overtime, postponed holidays, made overnight deliveries, and some of them even returned from retirement to ensure that the shelves are kept stocked amid the COVID-19 crisis. The meet and greet was held in a marquee outside the main building because of social distancing measures.

The picturesfrom the visit were shared by the Clarence House on its Instagram account with the caption: "The Prince and The Duchess today thanked staff at @asda for all they have done to keep the country's vital food supplies moving throughout the Coronavirus pandemic."

Prince Charles
Prince Charles Chris Jackson - Pool/Getty Images

The caption further informed that the Asda Bristol Distribution Centre has made over 12,500 deliveries to stores across South West England with the 700 depot staff members since lockdown was implemented in the UK in March.