A man who attempted to rob a branch of Subway in Ohio was stopped in his tracks after being questioned by an employee at the store.

The man entered the store on Parkman Road in Warren, Ohio, wearing a grey hoody and a balaclava covering his face on Tuesday afternoon (6 June).

He was filmed by an employee at the store as he demanded a cashier hand over the money from the till.

But in the video that's been shared around 65,000 times, Cathy Stafford decided to stand up to the man.

She told the man to "get a job" and then asked if he was the same person who had robbed the store earlier in the week. On 1 June, a man who appeared to have a gun had robbed the store.

Speaking to WKBN, Stafford said: "I guess some people just have that courage here and there. I don't know what took over me. I guess sometimes I do things I shouldn't do and I speak, just whatever comes to my mind, it just comes out."

Eventually the man gave up and walked off with $13 in a tip jar.

One of her colleagues, Sierra Harper, filmed the altercation on her phone. She said: "It was scary because you don't know in that mindset what he's thinking, if he could jump over the counter."

Local police have said that members of the public have given them several tips on who the mystery robber is.