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Muslims in Khartoum, Sudan, call for France to apologise after Charlie Hebdo featured a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed on its cover Mohamed Nureldin Abdallah/Reuters

A group of students who all studied medicine at the University of Medical Sciences and Technology in Khartoum, Sudan are feared to have travelled to Turkey in a bid to join Islamic State fighters.

Seven of the group of 12, are British and left for Turkey on 26 June.

Dr Ahmed Babikir, a dean at the private university, said: "We confirmed reports from multiple parties that 12 medical students at the university left for Turkey on [26 June]." he said.

Khartoum airport authorities confirmed the group had flown to Turkey, reported The Guardian.

Babikir added: "Logic says that they travelled to join the Daesh organisation [Isis]."

A university source said all 12 - which also included Americans and Canadians - were all in their final year. "These students were recruited to the Islamic State organisation by some individuals inside the university through conversations they had with them," the source added.

A Foreign Office spokeswoman told the paper: "We are working closely with the Turkish authorities to establish their whereabouts and provide consular assistance."

It is not the first time that British-Sudanese medical students have fled the same university to join Isis.