Where to watch Suits season 5, episode 6 live stream online USA Network

Suits season 5, episode 6 titled Privilege airs this Wednesday (29 July) and will explore the aftermath of Harvey discovering the root of his panic attacks.

According to the upcoming episode's official synopsis, Harvey is forced to make a tough personal decision in a case that touches a nerve.

The episode's promo video reveals that Agard will be testifying against Harvey's client - something that the troubled attorney does not approve of. Later in the clip, Agard walks angrily into Harvey's office, claiming that he betrayed her.

Meanwhile, Mike and Louis take over responsibility for Harvey's oldest client, and must decide what to do when that client's demands go against his own best interests.

The episode preview also promises some light-hearted moments as Donna tries to work her magic to make Rachel's dream wedding possible.

Fans are also looking forward to Louis' sister Esther returning to the show in the next episode. She will return to the firm to solve a problem discreetly but thanks to Louis, it doesn't quite work out that way. Check out the synopsis for episode 7 titled Hitting Home below:

"At Jessica's behest, Mike teams up with Jack Soloff to co-counsel a case, and despite their history the two come to a surprising understanding. Meanwhile, Esther Litt returns to P.S.L. to solve a problem discreetly, but Louis rarely handles anything quietly – especially when it comes to family. And Donna and Harvey try to get their friendship back to normal, but Harvey has a hard time stomaching Donna's 'friendly advice.'"

Suits season 5, episode 6 Privilege airs on 29 July at 9pm ET on USA Network.

You can click here or here to watch the episode via live stream online.