Where to watch Suits season 5, episode 3 live stream online USA Network

Episode 3 of Suits season 5 airs on 8 July, and going by the promo and synopsis, it looks to be quite an intense one.

According to the official synopsis for the upcoming episode titled No Refills:

Harvey brings some star power [NBA star Charles Barkley] to his ongoing conflict with Jack Soloff – a conflict that Louis and Donna can't seem to stay clear of.

Mike brings in Robert Zane to co-counsel a case, pitting his instincts as a lawyer against his desire to stay in his future father-in-law's good graces. While Jessica mediates between Mike and Zane, she tasks Rachel with an unusual assignment.

Harvey is all over the place in the promo (below) for episode 3. First he is seen announcing that he is ready for war, then there's a scene where Donna snaps at him indirectly saying that she would never want to come back and work for him. Another glimpse shows Harvey telling Mike that if he wants to go, he can go. Jessica is seen telling Harvey that he must get a grip. Before the promo ends, Harvey is seen collapsing in his office and Mike runs to call 911.

It looks like all the stress and tension in his personal and professional life is getting the better of Harvey. In his recent interview, actor Gabriel Macht said the following about Harvey's condition - "His panic attacks, without spoiling anything, they're going to continue, and continue to keep him unhinged."

Meanwhile, Deadline reports that Suits has been renewed for season 6, with a total of 16 episodes. The USA Network's top drama received 3.4 million views on the premiere of its fifth season.

"The show has set the bar high in every way and continues to be a strong performer and marquee property for USA," network president Chris McCumber said.

"Aaron Korsh (suits writer and showrunner) has some great surprises for the audience at the end of Season 5 that should really set future seasons on an exciting new course," he added.

Suits season 5, episode 3 No Refills airs on Wednesday 8 July at 9pm ET on USA Network.

You can click here or here to watch the episode via live stream online.