Where to watch Suits season 5, episode 4 live stream online USA Network

Harvey and Louis are going to be at loggerheads again in the upcoming episode 4 of Suits season 5, which airs on 15 July. And this time, Donna won't be the cause of it.

The trailer for Suits season 5, episode 4 reveals that Louis's sister Esther will be visiting the law firm. Louis does not want her to stay longer than necessary but that might not happen.

The teaser (below) shows that Esther and Harvey seem to develop some liking towards each other. But when Louis notices these 'sparks' between them, he rushes to threaten Harvey, warning him to stay away from Esther.

Will Esther become Harvey's new love interest on the show? This new development might further complicate matters between Donna and Harvey.

The official synopsis for episode 4 reads:

"Harvey steps outside his usual area of expertise, in order to take a case from a client who has a special tie to the firm."

Christian Today speculates that this 'special client' may have something to do with the founding of the law firm and that is why Harvey takes the case.

The report further adds that even though Harvey is known to bend some rules in order to get the results he wants, this time, he may end up breaking the law.

The synopsis also states, "Mike and Zane work their class-action case together, but Mike learns they have different ideas about what constitutes a win – for themselves, and for their clients. And Donna counsels Louis on the best way to settle a feud."

Meanwhile, Harvey has sessions with Agard after he almost collapsed in episode 3 No Refills. During the sessions, it is revealed that his past is making a great impact on his present. It remains to be seen how Harvey deals with his issues over the course of this season.

Suits creator Aaron Korsh talked to Yahoo earlier about Harvey's therapy sessions in season 5. "At first, I was very resistant to it because I had a lot of trouble wrapping my head around, what is going to get Harvey into therapy? He is not an introspective type of person. So then I thought that if he had a panic attack, that will get him into therapy," he said.

Suits season 5, episode 4 airs on 15 July at 9pm ET on USA Network.

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