USA Network has added many new actors to the Suits cast in season 6. The sixth season will pick up immediately after Mike Ross entered Danbury Prison after accepting a plea deal for conspiracy to commit fraud in season 5 finale.

Actors Erik Palladino, Paul Schulze and Malcolm-Jamal Warner have joined the USA Network's series to play Mike's prison mates. According to Deadline, Palladino will play Kevin Miller, Mike's fellow inmate who he is unsure of whether or not he can be trusted. But as they come to depend on one another, Kevin may become the closest thing Mike has to a friend inside the prison.

Schulze will play Frank Gallo, a fellow inmate hardened by his own time served. Gallo is the first to introduce Mike to life in Danbury Prison. Warner will play the prison's counsellor who is tasked with helping the inmates survive their time inside and putting them on the path of rehabilitation — which in Mike's case will require admitting that he's spent a lifetime cutting corners.

Actor Gabriel Macht, who plays Harvey Specter in the series, spoke about Mike's fate and Harvey's relationship with colleague Louis Litt in season 6. Speaking about Mike's decision to turn himself in, Macht told "It's kind of amazing. I was really excited to see where it went because these guys always get out of everything, right? They're always winning, always just working their way out of the system, and their comeuppance has been interesting to see."

According to the actor, the next season picks up where this one left off and Harvey's relationship with his conniving colleague Louis will get a work out as they try to pick up the pieces of the fall out. "Yeah, it's a love-hate relationship - Harvey loves to hate him."

There is a big mess in season 6, said the actor and shared a few details about the premiere episode. "Both of them have as much anxiety as the other, you know. It's just how each of them deals with it. In the last four or five episodes their storylines were splintered out. [In season six] there's a big mess, the house of cards has fallen so we're going to see how they build Pearson Specter Litt back up. And the first thing is to get Harvey and Louis back on track. I've read the first episode and I can't give you too much but I'll tell you this: if you can imagine these characters in a sort of Breakfast Club Scenario, there's some good hijinks."

Previously, creator Aaron Korsh revealed that the season 6 premiere will feature Mike's first night in prison. He told Yahoo TV: "It's not finished being written, so I might change my mind, but the entire [season 6 premiere] is the first night. It's Mike's first night in prison, combined with our people's first night after discovering no one is left at the firm. It's back-and-forth between those two things."

Suits season 6 is currently being filming and is expected to premiere in mid-June 2016.