Warning: Suits season 5 spoilers below

Mike's first night in prison and the rest going back to their empty firm — that's how Suits season 6 will open, reveals showrunner Aaron Korsh.

The show's creator and writer spoke to The Hollywood Reporter recently and teased what fans can expect from the legal drama's next season. To summarise, there will be no flashbacks and no time jumps.

"We're coming back right where we left off," revealed Korsh. "We'll often always think about a time jump and then a flashback but then we counter with wondering why we just don't pick it up there in the first place. So we half-did that at the beginning of season five. But no, we're coming back to the very night that we ended the episode on. The entire episode as is currently contemplated takes place with Mike's first night in prison and the first night back at the firm when they've come back and it's empty."

Giving a little glimpse into season 6 of Suits, Korsh stated that it will be all about "moving forward."

"How is Mike going to handle life in a new environment and what kind of toll will that take on his relationships? As for the other five, what happens when the two pillars of their existence — Mike and the firm — have been knocked out? Will they regroup and band together and overcome or are they going to go their separate ways? Basically, how will they respond to this gut punch that's ripped them apart."

When does Suits season 6 air?

USA Network renewed Suits for season 6 back in July 2015, just after season 5 of the legal drama premiered. Season 6 of Suits will include 16 episodes, just like most of the seasons that came before it, reports Bustle.

While no official release date for season 6 of Suits has been announced yet, premiere dates of past seasons of the series can give fans some indication. All five seasons of the show premiered in either June or July, so we can probably expect season 6 of Suits to premiere in June or July of 2016.