suits season 7
Harvey Specter and Mike Ross in legal drama, Suits USA Network

Suits season 7 will air its milestone 100th episode this Wednesday (30 September) at 9pm EST on USA Network. Episode 8 is aptly titled 100, where Mike Ross and Harvey Specter will come up with a plan to deal with the ongoing prison case.

Besides, Donna Paulson will come face-to-face with Harvey's girlfriend, Dr Paula Agard. The official synopsis for the chapter reads as follows:

Harvey and Mike seek outside help to overcome an impossible situation. An unexpected encounter derails Louis's search for a new associate. Donna receives a surprising proposition.

The promo for the episode opens with Harvey and Mike discussing the case. "I am guessing you got a plan," Harvey says as Mike replies in the affirmative. However, Rachel may not be happy with the duo's plans.

She tells both of them, "I don't have a problem playing with fire, my problem is being left out of the game." The scene then changes to Donna, who finally meets Paula, and sarcastically tells her, "You coming into his life is a memorable event."

Later in the promo, Donna is seen meeting her ex-boyfriend Mark and admitting to him, "I did put Harvey first, for too long." The 30-second promo ends with a twist and we see Louis staring at someone in shock.

Suits showrunner/ executive producer Aaron Korsh spoke to TV Line about the episode's dramatic climax. He told the outlet, "The good news is it's toward the climax of the case that we've been working on this season, so it naturally is a bit more of a dramatic episode."

Teasing a lot of flashbacks, he continued, "Rick Muirragui, who wrote it, is always big on really wanting to do some extra special things. He's big on that in his flashback episodes... So I feel like we did try to do some extra special things."

Episode 7 will put Louis Litt "in a situation that we've never seen Louis in before," Korsh said. "He's going to have a difficult decision to make as a result. It's going to have what we like to think is a cool parallel [to what's] going on with Donna," who decides "to reach out" to her ex-boyfriend Mark (played by Jay Harrington).

"It's going to all [come] together at the end of the episode in an incredibly directed, intercutting scene on Patrick [J. Adams'] behalf," the EP added of the episode.