The NFL Superbowl hits the screens on Sunday 7 February for the annual American Football showdown, as well as some of the most lavish performances from Coldplay, Beyonce and Bruno Mars. If you are powering through the night in the UK the most important thing to stock up on is some fantastic American craft beers, if only to get you through the four hours of play and endless advertising.

Super Bowl is an American institution that has made its way over to the UK in a big way an luckily the fine American breweries have done the same with a huge range of pale ale, wheat beer and porters available in the supermarkets over here or ready to order at the touch of a mouse.

Whether you're looking for a light session beer, a spicy speciality or a full on intense, dark porter we have a veritable Smorgasbord of American craft beers to complete your Super Bowl Sunday.

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Anchor Steam Beer 355Ml, 4.8%; £1.79, Tesco

California Lager - Anchor Brewing Co, 335ml; £2.39, The Real Ale Company

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 350ml, 5.6%; £1.65, Morrisons

Blue Moon Wheat Beer 355Ml, 5.4%; £1.79, Tesco

Brooklyn Lager 355ml, 5.2%; £9.99 for six, Majestic

All Day IPA - Founders Brewery Co 355ml, 4.7%; £2.39, The Real Ale Company

Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter 330ml, 9.2%; £3.89, Beer Hawk

Cooper's Pale Ale 375ml, 4.5%; £15.99 for 12, Majestic

Goose Island India Pale Ale 355ml, 5.9%, Waitrose

Lagunitas IPA 355ml, 6.2%; £9.99 for six, Majestic

Brooklyn Brewery – Hand & Seal 750ml, 13.3%; £28, Mother Kellys

Mavericks Pumpkin Harvest Ale 650ml, 5.5%, £7.99, Beer Hawks

Samuel Adams Boston Lager 330Ml, 4.8%; £1.79, Tesco

Tesco Finest American Double Ipa 330Ml, 9.2%, Tesco