Nintendo have at last announced that Captain Falcon will be returning to Super Smash Bros in the new game coming to Wii U and 3DS.

In a new trailer streamed this afternoon, Nintendo also revealed Fire Emblem characters Robin and Lucina will be joining the cast of Nintendo favourites in the beloved fighting game.

Before this latest instalment in the series, the only Fire Emblem characters to appear in a Smash Bros games were Marth and Roy [edit - and Ike in Brawl]. Only the former returns for this latest iteration, but he will be joined by more of his series' stablemates than ever before.

Fire Emblem: Awakening main character Chrom was also shown off as part of Robin's final smash finishing move. Nintendo also revealed that Robin will be playable as both a male and female character.

Captain Falcon of course is the fan-favourite star of Nintendo's seemingly long-forgotten racing series F-Zero. He has appeared in every Smash game to date.

Nintendo have high hopes for the Smash Bros series. Last month they hosted a huge invitational torunament at E3 in Los Angeles and dedicating a lot of time to it in their online Nintendo Direct conference.

During the show they announced that players will be able to fight as their Mii avatars, as well as announcing the release of figurines – called Amiibos – which utilise Near Field Communication to allow players to train up specific fighters to give them an edge.

New characters Pac-Man and Palutena were also revealed to be joining the game's roster.

Super Smash Bros is set for release later this year.