Supernatural season 10 finale is pegged to be more traumatic than that of season 9 where Dean transformed into the knight of hell.

The finale titled My Brother's Keeper will air on 20 May on The CW.

Jared Padalecki while speaking at Seattle's Salute to Supernatural, dished about filming the final episode of season 10.

"We are filming the final arc of season 10 right now and it's one of those really intense final arcs, I mean it's probably the most intense I can remember since like season five or something like that," Padalecki said

"These final episodes are very traumatic," he cautioned.

Production coordinator Jason Fischer also teased a surprising finale.

The present storyline in the show revolves around Dean's condition getting worse, and Castiel and Sam going to great lengths to find a cure for the eldest Winchester.

Will Dean battle with the Mark of Cain that leads him down a murderous path?

We know that the only way the Winchester can be "cured" is by killing his own brother. Although there is no cure for the mark yet, but as Cain himself revealed that his protégée is living his life in reverse. While Cain started his journey as a killer by murdering his brother Abel, Dean's final step in his journey will be killing his brother.

Cain told his protégée that he will kill off Crowley first, then move on to murdering Castiel, with his brother becoming his last prey.

This possible plot could leave fans gasping as season 10 comes to a close.

Supernatural airs every Wednesday at 9pm on The CW.