Supernatural season 10
Supernatural season 10 returns after a brief hiatus on January 20th 2015 Supernatural/Facebook

Supernatural returns with its mid-season premiere episode this Tuesday, January 20, 2015.

The mid-season finale saw Dean (Jensen Ackles) rapidly losing control over the Mark of Cain, leading him to slaughter a house full of humans, even as a horrified Sam watches his brother's descent into darkness.

The mid-season premiere will find Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Castiel (Misha Collins) racing to find a cure for the Mark before Dean succumbs to its murderous effects entirely.

The first look at the trailer of The Hunter Games, however, shows that they will have plenty of obstacles in their path.

The trailer shows Castiel and Sam discussing Dean's murderous tendencies, with Dean cutting in.

Dean says, "There was a time when I was a hunter, not a stone cold killer," pauses in between and adds, "you can say it, you are not wrong, I crossed the line."

The older Winchester brother looks at the Mark and says, "this thing has to go."

Castiel tries to explain to everyone that "it is more than a physical thing, it will take a very powerful force to remove the effect."

He says that the Mark of Cain dates back to the time of creation, adding that "this may pre-date the lore." But also teased a cure saying, "There may be another way."

The promo also shows Crowley (Mark Sheppard) facing a demon anarchy against him, while the Winchester brothers hold Metatron (Curtis Armstrong) prisoner.

Also, Charlie (Felicia Day) returns from Oz.

The official synopsis for the episode reads as follows:

Watch the promos here: