Supernatural season 10 midseason Finale
Screen shot of Supernatural season 10 mid-season finale shows Dean covered in blood and surrounded by bodies. YoutubeScreenshot/The CW

Supernatural Season 10 returns with its mid-season finale episode tonight, 9th December at 9:00 pm on The CW.

Episode 10 is titled, The Things We Left Behind, which might bring back Demon Dean to the show.

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The official synopsis reads:

In the last episode, we saw the Winchester brother dig around in folklore to get rid of The Mark of Cain on Dean's hand, with no success.

But, going by the promos for the mid-season finale, Dean will give in to his dark side and might become the Knight of Hell again.

The promo also shows Dean asking Castiel to take him down, if he ever becomes Demon again.

"I cant go down that road again.. I can't be that thing again," says Dean.

Watch the promo and sneak-peek here: