Supernatural season 10 found Angel Castiel in rather bad shape.

The angel, who was introduced in the season 4, lost his mojo at the end of season 8, after which he was constantly seen struggling, and surviving on stolen grace. Also, Castiel will eventually die if he is unable to locate the remains of his original angel juice.

According to reports, the second half of season 10 will not immediately focus on Castiel's [Misha Collins's] search for his true essence.

Collins' character was facing down the barrel of mortality during the season 10 premiere, but Crowley [Mark Sheppard] did what Castiel refused to and fed him the stolen grace from a dying member of heaven's host.

"This gives him a stay of execution, so he's got disposable batteries," Collins told The Hollywood Reporter.

"He's got a new set; they're Duracells; they should last for a little while [but] not forever. So it will be an issue that resurfaces again, [but] it takes awhile."

Even if he does resume that quest, the angel will not make any bargains with Metatron.

"[Cas is] sick and tired of making deals with the devil and will [try] not [to] make that compromise again," Collins said.

Meanwhile, with Dean gone dark and nuclear, Sam will need Castiel's help to find his brother and cure him.

"Cas is intimately involved in trying to remove the Mark," Collins told the website.

"It's definitely shaping up to be a team effort, but Cas will be instrumental in 'de-marking' Dean... Getting the mark gone is an important mission for the rest of the season, and I think that that struggle is taking the fore[ground] in terms of... illness... In this stretch of the season arc, the focus is on Dean, and Cas' health is not nearly as much of an issue," he added.

In the mid-season premiere viewers witnessed the resurfacing of Castiel's vessel's daughter, Claire Novak (Kathryn Love Newton)

Collins described her as, "She's a 17-year-old kid; she's independent; she's had a rough go of it because of me taking her dad, among other things, and that just makes for a really interesting dynamic."

The actor also teased Castiel's moral dilemma and what the father-daughter reunion meant for the angel.

"He's definitely impacted emotionally by Claire, and it's hard to say what the primary motivating forces are with Castiel, but I think that one of the large ones is not that noble: it's just guilt."

"He feels bad for having f—ed up this girl's life, and he wants to help her, but she is now a typical teenager and doesn't really want anything to do with him," Collins added.

Supernatural returns to The CW on 20 January, 2015.

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