Amara will unleash a dark fog in a small town as Rob Benedict returns as Chuck in the upcoming episode of Supernatural season 11. Episode 20 is titled, Don't Call Me Shurley, which airs on Wednesday, 4 May at 9pm EST on The CW.

Network has released the synopsis for the episode, which reads as follows:

In the previous episode, Sam and Dean met two hunters married to each other — Cesar and Jesse — with a personal vendetta against once-in-a-generation monsters called the Chitters. The brothers team up with the couple and successfully track down the monsters and end their hive.

Entertainment Weekly has released exclusive pictures for the upcoming episode of Supernatural, where we see Chuck behind a computer screen most possibly trying to find a solution to Amara's problem. The chapter will answer where he has been all these years, and possibly end or confirm the rumours about him being God. Benedict's character was first introduced as a prophet in season 4 and he made a brief appearance at the end of the 200th episode.

A promo for the episode shows a TV news channel showing images of a town with dense fog. Metatron is watching the news that says, "Citizens were infected after a dense fog goes through town."

Dean and Sam are investigating the fog, which is similar to the case they handled in the season 9 premiere episode. Sam sees the pictures of people dying with strange marks on their bodies, and says, "I have actually seen that before." Fans will remember that Sam fell victim to the fog and nearly died from it.

Dean warns his brother to stay away from the fog. Then we see Dean asking an infected lady, "Was she here? Amara?" and the infected lady replies, "She has a message for you." The promo ends with Sam and Dean looking at the town covered in fog with a shocked expression on their faces.

Is Chuck God? Can Chuck help the Winchesters in taking down Amara? We will have to wait and watch.