Microsoft Surface 2
Microsoft Surface Mini is expected to come in spring this year.

Microsoft's mini version of Surface is once again in the news with fresh rumours doing the rounds about the launch of the device.

Talk of the Surface Mini has been going on for quite some time now. Previous reports had hinted at the tablet sporting an 8in display with full HD 1080p resolution and an Intel Bay processor to be used as the power house. Among other rumoured features was the use of Kinect-like somatosensory technology, akin to the Xbox kinect.

Now Neowin which has managed to get a few details about the compact version of the Surface series tablet, claims the device will feature a display ranging between 7-8in. Besides, the Redmond-based company is expected to continue the same Surface design and build quality for the upcoming Surface Mini.

Microsoft will reportedly be positioning the Surface tablet as a note-taking device. This is not surprising, given that Microsoft wants the Surface brands to present functionality and entertainment covering all the aspects.

Additionally, the Surface Mini will feature pen input technology, indicating support for the Wacom digitaliser. The Surface Mini with pen input is expected to be competitive enough like the other 8in tablets which come with quality products.

The mini tablet is likely to come with a OneNote app along with a number of new apps or, modifications to the existing ones.

According to a couple of sources close to the matter, the Surface Mini is reportedly done. The device is expected to arrive soon, which is sometime in spring 2014.