A video surveillance system captured a 22-year-old woman being robbed at gunpoint on her own doorstep in Killeen, Texas, while she was on the phone to 911.

Davieon Reed, 22, along with three other suspects identified as 17-year-old Gjavion Smith-Williams, Jamal Marbury, 18, and Daquan Lavant, were all arrested after other suspects were found in two vehicles parked nearby. A juvenile was also taken into custody.

The woman said she had heard glass breaking in front of her house and she realised that someone had smashed her window, the Daily Mail reports.

She also said that Reed and another person among them knocked on her door, pretending to be concerned neighbours. She believes all this was a ploy to distract her.

After the police were contacted, they found the weapons as well as the clothes the suspects were seen wearing in the video footage inside the vehicles.

The release bond for each of the suspects has been set at $100,000 (£75050.00) by Justice of the Peace Bill Cooke.

According to reports, except for the juvenile, the rest of the suspects have been sent to the Bell County Jail.