Sizzling temperatures in Sydney, Australia have caused a batch of fireworks left in the boot of a parked car on a busy street to explode.

A reported high of 39C caused the vehicle to be engulfed into heavy clouds of smoke as nearby pedestrians rushed to help with fire extinguishers.

The incident unfolded in Chatswood, a residential district 10km (6.2 miles) from Sydney's commercial centre.

"That's why you don't leave fireworks in a hot car," says cameraman Will Dodshon before slowly backing away from the car – seemingly unable to cope with the sheer amount of smoke and heat. The video was uploaded to his Facebook page.

More fireworks can be heard igniting as a group to get rid of the smoke cloud emerging out of the vehicle, which looks to be heavily damaged.

The Australian emergency services have had their hands full since the beginning of a scorching heatwave in New South Wales, with firefighters being called to 50 fires and the government having to enforce a fire ban, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Weather forecasts in the area have also voiced concerns that temperatures could yet soar to 48C, which would set a new record for the hottest ever February day in the history of the country.

Australia heatwave
Sydney is experiencing one of the hottest February months on record Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

Some sporting events have been cancelled as a result of the extreme heat, including fixtures in Australia's premier football competition, the A-League.

Additionally, the Royal Randwick Race Meeting was postponed by officials due to concerns over the health of the animals.

A spokesman for New South Wales's lifeguard service told Reuters that their priority is that people in the area stay safe and keep up awareness of the dangers of heat.

"We want people to be aware of signs of heat stress. The number one message for people is to stay hydrated, it's crucial on a day like today."