Sydney cafe siege live
A hostage runs towards a police officer outside Lindt cafe. Several others are trapped inside the cafe in Martin Place, central Sydney. Reuters

Several people are still trapped in Sydney's Lindt cafe where a gunman is said to be holding them hostage. He has apparently forced two of them to hold up an Islamist flag.

Police are now suspecting that the attack is an act of terrorism. Despite the grim situation, some onlookers appear to have taken selfies while watching the events unfold and enjoying their beer.

The selfies of the seige appear to have been taken in the area of the Lindt café in Martin Place, reports 9 News. The selfie takers have come in for severe criticism on the social media.

Here are the pictures allegedly taken near the area of the hostage crisis.

Here are some reactions on social media. Users slammed the photographers for their selfie obsession so close to a site of terror and termed it 'terrible' and 'disrespectful'.