Israeli jet
Israeli jets have targeted two areas near Damascus airport in Syria Reuters

Israeli airstrikes have bombed two military targets near Damascus airport and Dimas, say Syria's state news agency.

SANA claims the strikes hit on Sunday near the capital's main airport as well as the town of Dimas, northwest of Damascus. It called the attack "an aggression against Syria" and said there were no reports of casualties.

The state TV report said the bombing caused no casualties, while residents in Damascus said they heard loud explosions.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights – an NGO which is monitoring the civil war in Syria – reported that 10 explosions were heard near Dimas.

The airstrikes targeted "civilian areas in the suburbs of Dimas and near the Syrian capital's international airport," SANA state news agency reported, citing a government source. The report called the attack "an aggression against Syria".

The Israeli Air Force has carried out several airstrikes in Syria since the revolt against President Bashar Assad began in March 2011.

Most of the strikes have targeted what the Israelis call sophisticated weapons systems, such as advanced Russian-made S300 surface-to-air missiles, believed to be destined for the Hezbollah group in Lebanon, an ally of Damascus.

According to Lebanon's Al-Manar television, the Israeli jets bombed areas near the smaller airport at Dimas, which is located northwest of Damascus, near the border with Lebanon.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group said that ten explosions were heard near Dimas, according to a Reuters report.

A spokesman for Israel Defence Forces told Reuters he would "not relate to the foreign reports."