JDI plastic flexible display
The display is a prototype for future smartphone screens JDI

The year 2016 witnessed a lot of flexible displays being showcased across technology shows. However, until now there is no product that has been unveiled with such a display.

Adding to these prototypes is another flexible display, but this time around it has been made of plastic. That's right, Japan Display Inc (JDI) has announced Full Active Flex – a new LCD display technology – that is flexible, crack-resistant and uses plastic substrate for both sides of the liquid crystal layer.

According to the company, with the new display it is easy to form curved shapes by utilising the flexibility of this display and will help expand the degrees of freedom in smartphone design in future. Additionally, using the plastic substrates instead of glass, prevents instances of cracking from occurring when a device is dropped.

The prototype display measures 5.5in in size and has a resolution of 1080p. It may not be as competitive in terms of the resolution that some of the smartphone displays currently showcase, but its material build and flexible capacity make it unique for sure.

There is no word on who among smartphone manufacturers will place orders for such a display, but JDI has said it plans to start mass production of this display in 2018. The company wants to position the display not only as smartphone screens, but also for display options in notebook PCs, automotive applications and other such products.

Technical specifications

<th>Display size <th>Number of pixels <th>Resolution density <th>LCD driving frequency <th>LCD mode <th>Surface luminance <th>Contrast ratio
1080(xRGB)×1920 Full-HD
Photo-Alignment IPS