All of the lions and tigers missing from Tbilisi zoo after floods swept through the Georgian capital have been found dead.

One jaguar remains missing, but zoo authorities have little hope that it survived, reports AP.

In total eight lions, seven tigers, 12 of the zoo's 14 bears and nine of its 17 penguins were killed, said a spokesman.

Three lion carcasses, as well as a tiger and two wolves, were found on Tuesday 16 June.

After the floods struck, authorities warned residents to stay indoors, amid fears that big cats were stalking the streets.

The body of the zoo's white lion, Shumba, was found shot through the head on 14 June.

Enclosures were flooded after a river broke its banks, with a hippopotamus, an alligator, a bear and wolves escaping to roam the streets of the city.

Scores of homes were destroyed, and 16 people were killed in the floods.