Drone footage of flood-hit Tbilisi shows kilometres of empty, muddy and debris-strewn highways and a raging torrent tearing past the Georgian capital's apartment blocks. Marooned cars give an idea of the force of the floodwaters at their height.

Heavy rains had turned the Vere River that flows through Tbilisi into a raging torrent, which left at least 12 people dead and some 37 injured. At least 24 people were missing, a Georgian official said.

Three of the dead people were zoo workers, including a woman who was trying to save lions and tigers from the floodwaters. More than 30 animals escaped from the zoo.

Monday 15 June was declared a national day of mourning. The estimated damage was up to 40m lari (£11.52m, $17.9m), according to the Finance Ministry and government officials were in touch with international donors to discuss aid.