Teen mom 2
Teen Mom 2 stars Kailyn, Leah, Jenelle and Chelsea MTV

Teen Mom 2 season 6 returns with a new episode on 20 August on MTV.

Episode 7 is titled Wanna Love You, where Nathan will get arrested.

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According to the official synopsis, "Nathan is arrested following an altercation with Jenelle; Leah is served with divorce papers; Chelsea and Adam face each other in court; and Kailyn takes a birthday vacation."

A new promo for the episode shows Leah talking to Jeremy over the phone about her plans to get help.

"I am planning to go away to a therapeutic treatment place," we hear Leah say.

"I'm proud of you for making that step. I just want you healthy. No matter where we're at as far as marriage, this and that," Jeremy replies.

They also agree that Leah's mother will watch their daughter Adalynn, during the time she is away, though he remains adamant about wanting a divorce.

Leah says, "I may come back a completely different person," hinting that they could make their marriage work, but Jeremy shuts her down and affirms, "even if you get help, I am not changing my mind about divorce."

Meanwhile, things are not working well for Jenelle and Nathan, who get arrested following an altercation with his fiancee.

The promo opens with someone calling 911, and saying, "a couple is fighting. Please send the police right away. We heard her screaming." The next scene shows the police showing up at Nathan Griffith and Jenelle Evans's place, and they check Jennelle for bruises.

"I have a bruise on my thighs," she tells the police and signs a paper which says she has been the victim of a crime. Nathan is handcuffed and taken away as he pleads, "Jenelle you know I didn't do anything. Please Jenelle. I never laid a hand on her."

We hear Nathan cry, "I didn't do it," from inside the police car.