Farrah Abraham
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Farrah Abraham and her mother Debra Danielsen's strained relationship is no news to fans. But recently, the Teen Mom OG star faced a torrent of allegations in her mum's tell-all memoir.

Recalling her scandalous 2010 assault arrest, the reality TV mother accused Abraham of viciously attacking her before calling the police on her.

"Farrah has beat me up, pulled out a large amount of my hair, I had been crying from the pain," Danielsen claimed in her book, Vapor: A True Story of How I Fell Victim To Catfishing; an excerpt of which has been made public by Radar Online.

The MTV star's mother adds: "After all of this, she had quietly gone upstairs to call the police and turn me in for hitting her."

According to reports, the violent altercation had ensued over an argument between the two, when Danielsen had allegedly thrown a shirt at Abraham's daughter, Sophia.

"The victim was yelling at Danielsen over the shirt throwing and Danielson grabbed her by the throat. The victim pushed Danielsen's hand away from her. Victim stated Danielson then hit her along the side of her head and hit her in the mouth," a police report had stated.

Almost eight years since the arrest, Danielsen has revealed a different side to the story. Apparently, the reality TV mum was trying to break away from Abraham, when her wrist "hit her lip and her tooth cut her lip."

Not the one to take the shot lying down, even the 26-year-old Teen Mom star now has hit back, accusing her mother of being "mentally unstable" and "intimidated" by her success.

"She was found guilty, was put in jail, has it on her record, and had to do social service work, and could not be left alone with my daughter," the mother-of-one shared in a statement.

"My mother is mentally unstable, jealous of me and is intimidated by what God has given me to succeed in life. I love her and always wish her the best. I did not press further charges as the police wanted. Mothers should be the one person in this crazy world who they can confide in and celebrate with rather than continually receive cruel behaviour," Abraham added.