The Teen Wolf Season 5
The Teen Wolf Season 4 finale airs on 8 September on MTV. MTV

MTV's popular werewolf drama Teen Wolf Season 4 will be airing the final episode titled as "Smoke and Mirrors" and promises to deliver a fitting end to one of the most intriguing seasons of the popular series.

The official synopsis of the finale episode reads: "Scott and Stiles return to La Iglesia to save the Pack from Kate."

The episode will run for 75 minutes which is longer than its usual time and may unravel the mystery of the original identity of Deputy Parrish.

Fans are excited to know more about what kind of supernatural creature is Deputy Parrish who is immune to fire and sports glowing eyes.

Earlier, in a shocking move, the series revealed Meredith as the Benefactor but Arden Cho (Kira Yukimura) teased E Online that some more twists are coming in the show.

"There are some twists still coming," Cho teased. "People are going to cry. It's going to be sad. There are going to be a lot of unexpected twists and I think people are going to be very surprised," she told the website.

Catermatt suspects the finale might be the end of Scott McCall as his new Berserker form may take his towards the end of his life.

Will this be the tragic end of the fan favourite series?

Meanwhile in an exclusive interview with Assignmentx, show producer Jeff Davis teases "bigger arc" for Malia.

"There is definitely a bigger arc coming up for Malia. Shelley Hennig has been fantastic. She's not only tough, but she's terrific with comedy. We'll be seeing more of her struggles with fitting in, catching up in academia and definitely more about her parents," Davis told the website.

To know more, watch Teen Wolf season 4 finale will be aired on Monday on MTV.

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