Fans of hit MTV series Teen Wolf are wondering if they will get a glimpse of Stiles Stilinkski in the season 6 premiere. Dylan O'Brien who plays Stiles was injured on the set of his upcoming movie, Maze Runner: The Death Cure.

Actor Melissa Ponzio, who plays Melissa McCall, took to Twitter to answer fan queries whether Stiles will feature in the opening episode of Teen Wolf season 6. Replying to a fan question about Dylan O'Brien's recovery and how he will film for the show, Ponzio said, "We were in production and shooting before his accident. That's how :)"

The actress shared that Teen Wolf began filming before Dylan was injured. She wrote, "We started shooting in early feb [February]. The only thing we care about is him healing and feeling better every day. Work can wait."

The Maze Runner actor was seriously injured in April, while filming for an action scene, wherein he was attached to a harness atop a moving vehicle, which [harness] accidentally came off and he was hit by an oncoming vehicle.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor's injuries were described as including a concussion, facial fracture and lacerations, a report from WorkSafeBC said.

However, the season 6 premiere episode will feature O'Brien, but it remains to be seen whether he would appear in the following Teen Wolf episodes.

Editor's note:The article has been corrected to remove unverified comments from Teen Wolf director Jeff Davis cited in the original version.