Teen Wolf season 6
Stiles and Lydia in MTV series Teen Wolf MTV

Teen Wolf season 5 finale ended with Scott McCall's pack along with Parrish and Lydia successfully taking down the Beast of Gevaudan with Gerard's cane. Besides, Malia defeats Desert Wolf and Theo is sucked down into the pits of hell by his dead sister.

It was almost a happy ending, until a green thing climbs out of the Dread Doctor's machine. The creature is pegged to be the new villain in Beacon Hills. A new teaser promo released for season 6 shows Stiles and Scott in a frenzy and ends with a shot of a hand in the green gas-like chamber. The video ends with "Season 6 is coming soon."

Creator Jeff Davis spoke about the new villain for season 6 and on what is next in store for the pack. When asked about the thing that crawled out of the machine at the end of season 5, Davis told TV Line, "That was the Nazi werewolf! I can absolutely confirm that the soldier has left the machine and will be a part of Season 6, a threat. It was something we were planning for a while, and we weren't sure if we were going to use that final shot, but once we started shooting Season 6, we figured we might as well use it."

The creator also teased that season 6 will have a great Lydia-Stiles story. He told MTV, "[Season 6] has a great Lydia-Stiles story. I think that'll make a lot of Stydia fans happy." Adding to the topic, Davis told TV Line, "They're not only lingering feelings — they become a focus, a focal point of the next season. Something big happens in the very first episode of Season 6 between Stiles and Lydia, which you'll have to tune in to see."

The season 5 finale finds Malia taking Desert Wolf's power with the help of the talons and Braeden knocking her down and capturing her. Actor Marisol Nichols, who plays Malia's mother, was cast as Hermione Lodge in The CW series Riverdale.

When asked if Desert Wolf will return for season 6, Davis said, "That depends on how Riverdale does. We were really happy with Marisol Nichols on the show, and we'd love to have her back. Malia's relationship with her parents is always interesting, and you might see another parent show up soon."

MTV is expected to announce the premiere date for its 6th season soon.