Abdurauf Saheb
Abdurauf Saheb, 18 Metropolitan Police

Two teenagers were jailed for 14 years and five years respectively for the unprovoked stabbing of a 15-year-old in Wandsworth which they boasted about online.

18-year-old Abdurauf Saheb and a 15-year-old accomplice were found guilty in April 2017 for wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. The 15-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was given five years in jail while Saheb got14 years.

London's Metropolitan Police say that on 3 September 2016, the suspects approached the victims on bicycles while he waited outside a Sainsbury's in the evening. After talking to him, they stabbed him in the stomach in an unprovoked attack, police said.

An off-duty fire fighter aided officers in giving the victim life-saving first aid while an ambulance arrived. The victim was then treated in hospital for his injuries. Authorities said that the two "bragged about their involvement" and officers were able to find online videos relating to the offence.

In a statement, the victim's mother said: "We are very happy with the outcome of the trial. As a family we encourage any victim of crime to work with the police. The results do come in the end. Being patient is key."

"The victim was left seriously injured by the ferocity of this unprovoked attack," said Wandsworth Borough Detective Constable Lee-Ann Doubell. "The first aid provided by those who were first on scene proved invaluable in helping him.

"It is hard to find any reason why Saheb and his accomplice would choose to act so violently. Today's sentencing will give them a long time to reflect upon their actions," she said.

London authorities are attempting to crack down on knife crime in the capital with the scheme Operation Sceptre. Police urge anyone with information relating to knife crime or those carrying or using knives should contact local authorities or Crimestoppers.